Why the development center may turn out to be key to the management team success

Talants | October 1, 2019

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Тhe Challenge

The client was a mid-size software company, a division of a big international corporation. The company was undergoing change after it was acquired by another owner. All of its managers had grown organically but there were no targeted efforts made for their training and development. As a result, all managers had different skill levels and development needs.
The client saw the need for development but found it hard to define the direction and was also looking for an individual approach to the needs of each of the managers.

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The Solution

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The Results

The development centre boosted motivation for development and provided every manager with guidance. The approach chosen for the development program after managers received their feedback enabled the company to use learning channels that were already available (e-training and the internal learning portal, individual consultations and coaching, self-directed learning, skills development training sessions).