We assess your people’s current skill set and potential to enable you to plan more effectively their development and succession of key positions.

Talent Identification

We set out from the particular business case to make it easier for you to choose what type of assessment would work best for your organization.

We combine methods and tools matching your individual case (assessment and development centre, psychometric questionnaires,etc.). We can assess your people’s personal characteristics, cognitive capacities, behavioural competences and motivation.

Once we complete the assessment, we help you interpret the results and provide you with understandable and easy-to-apply guidance. Since we cover all factors for work performance, we can predict how successful a certain person would be in a particular position. We can also place the focus on the development of skills and competences that would boost their chances.

Talent Management

We assist you in building or improving your internal capacity for assessment using the instruments of the world leader in this field — SHL.

We can help you figure out what ‘talent’ means for your company, what qualities your people have and how to measure them. We train and certify your experts to enable you to apply the tools within the organization with the quality inherent in the standards of the world leader in the field.
We use a wide range of instruments to measure the characteristics which enable you to predict how successful a person will be in a specific position: potential, current competencies, motivation, cognitive abilities. Our instruments have been integrated into a general model which is easy to adjust to the one you are already working with.

Why our approach works?

What makes us different?