How the work performance management system can transform a company

Growth | October 1, 2019

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Тhe Challenge

The client was a software company of 60 employees at the time the project started. Staff members were not clear about the conditions and ways of developing their expertise and enhancing their technical competency levels ((junior, regular, senior developer). Team leaders supported developers in operational tasks but there was a lack of purposeful effort towards development. Unsatisfactory work performance was frequently ignored or even when it did get noticed, problems were not addressed.

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The Solution

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The Results

The company has already applied a few cycles of the process. Team leaders have a fuller understanding of what they had missed in terms of their people's development, so now they plan their team development efforts better. Unsatisfactory performance is now corrected considerably faster and the clear criteria and expertise level improvement process significantly reduced the number of conflict situations resulting from different notions of abilities and contributions and different expectations as to the pace of growth.