How to turn good specialists into good sales people

Skills | October 1, 2019

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Тhe Challenge

Our client was one of the world leaders in selection and trade with sugar beet, corn, oil-bearing crops, grain and fodder crops. The Bulgarian management’s goal was to build and develop a strong sales team.

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The Solution

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The Results

The sales skills of the Sales academy participants visibly improved. Besides teaching them sales techniques we managed to provoke them to search effective sales messages, targeted towards the clients and suited to their needs.

All sales people who participated in the training increased their general work motivation, commitment and involvement in the work processes.

In the training process and after we analyzed the participants’ behavior and mapped out their strengths and their areas for development. This helped each of them get a clear picture of what they were good at and where they needed improvement – an important step in the future development of their sales skills.