Employee Engagement

The methodology we use has been developed by our partners from Management Systems. We measure engagement levels as a combination of four variables: identification with the organization, motivation for excellent performance, commitment to the organization and its goals, protection of the company. We measure the percentage of employees in each of the three engagement degrees: from completely disengaged, to partially engaged to completely engaged.
We also measure the degree to which different factors driving engagement influence current engagement levels.

Factors driving engagement:

Our studies define three groups of factors that have a direct impact on engagement levels:

  • leadership practices and style
  • performance and remuneration management systems
  • cultural values at the company.

We also measure environment factors that might boost or decrease engagement levels:

  • planning process
  • comunnication within organization
  • decision making processes
  • coordination and cooperation between departments
  • openness to innovation and change.

We help managers better understand the nature of engagement as well as accept and analyse results. Next, we involve them in defining measures to boost engagement. Each of them is based on the measured impact that direct drivers or indirect factors have on the environment.