Measuring and boosting your team’s readiness to work remotely

Petya Lozanova | април 22, 2020

Your people work differently when they work remote. This makes the support you need to give them different, too. In a world where remote-working is expected to become the new norm, you will need new tools to make sure your team is ready.

The right technology is important, but more important are the right people with the right behaviors. Together with our partners from SHL we’re here to give you the insight into whether your employees are ready to work from home or not, and if they’re not, where you can support them to get them working productively, quickly.

SHL’s RemoteWorkQ. A powerful product that identifies readiness for remote working.

Revealing your remote working style with a short 10 minute questionnaire. Quick, easy, effective.

Matching responses to behaviors using SHL’s powerful science to identify strengths and areas for development.

Planning for remote work success by empowering your people with actionable insight that helps both them and your business excel.

Clear, easy to understand reports including development recommendations and activities.

How it works?

To assess your people’s fit for remote working we profile 3 areas:

Work habits: how they work, and if this will translate well to working remotely (things like how autonomous are they, how big is their ability to concentrate, etc.)

Work relationships: what kind of interactions get them working at their best (like how well they share information, how much they enjoy social interactions, etc.)

Self development and well being: what are their development and proactiveness tendencies (like being open to new experiences, driving their own development, and using initiative to get things done)

Each profile is made up of 8 different behaviours. And how each person measures against those.

Everyone that’s profiled will have a personalized report and a feedback session, giving them an understanding of whether they’re ready to work remotely. And where any potential pitfalls are.

The report then gives practical advice to help them become a great remote worker. For example, it’s been identified that Tomasz here, in order to stay productive, needs to maintain working relationships and have social interaction. So the advice might be, that rather than have a weekly 1-2-1 with his manager for an hour, that he have 4 x 20 minute 1-2-1’s throughout the week.

How RemoteWorkX steers managers where to develop and where to provide additional support

The profiling also creates insight for the manager, on the readiness of each of their team members.

It helps them to get everyone in their team or business working productively as quickly as possible… by giving them an overview of who needs support, and where.

For example, they will know that Rohan has no problems and is ready to be fully productive, but they will also know that Sarah needs some help adapting to change and keeping her energy levels up. Again, practical advice will be given to the managers to help get Sarah where she needs to be.

Follow up for managers

After receiving the reports for the team we can help the team manager make sense of the results and plan their next steps in boosting remote work readiness. Sign up for an individual mentoring session via Zoom with one of Ninety Nine’s top consultants here:


RemoteWorkQ Questionairre & Report: EUR 20 per person

Individual feedback (via Zoom): EUR 30 per person

Mentoring sessions for managers (via Zoom): EUR 90 per 1,5 hour long session


Petya Lozanova

Development Consultant