Ivaylo Iliev

Managing Partner

Major part of my experience is related to assisting managers to develop the organizations they lead. My focus is on trainings and consulting on improving processes, critical for every organization’s success:

  • Creating strategies, strategic planning and positioning
  • Creating and maintaining strong, functional culture
  • Introducing and improving goal-setting systems (SMART; OKRs)
  • Transition from start-up to scale-up and from scale-up to professionally run business
  • Shaping constructive dynamics in senior management teams
  • Improving performance and increasing engagement

I work with companies in different industries (IT, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, etc.), which are in a process of development or transformation.


My 1%

On one side this is my amazement and admiration of entrepreneurs and managers and their dedication to work towards fulfilling their vision. I'm happy to think that with my work I help to make their path towards their vision to be more right, short and peaceful. On the other side this is my ability to listen, to understand the core of the issue and my readiness to ask even the most uncomfortable questions.

Ivaylo Iliev, Managing Partner