Dobroslav Dobrev

Managing Partner

For more than 18 years I have been conducting programs for development of leadership and sales skills, management and development of sales teams and sites, assessment and development of talents. As part of Ninety Nine I help managers to:
• manage and motivate people
• negotiate and resolve conflicts
• develop their skills and those of others
• prioritize and manage their time
• sell more effectively

I work intensively with manufacturing companies, medium and large companies in the field of telecommunications, automotive, agribusiness, pharmacy, finance, importers and distributors of industrial goods, international and local trade companies. I have experience with projects in Bulgaria and Germany.

My 1%

As a sales and management consultant and trainer I get to meet many business owners and managers. I have the opportunity to solve complex cases, to help people grow, to improve team work and to feel the thrill and adrenaline when things get better. Right now, I cannot imagine doing something else.

Dobroslav Dobrev, Managing Partner