We help scaleups navigate successfully the challenges growth brings about.

Scaleup Copilot: A holistic approach to managing growth

Imagine you have started a company. In the beginning there was one great idea, you and a few loyal enthusiasts. And by hard work and wits and zest the company kept on growing and progressing. Until recently. In the last year you are seeing your company starts suffering “growing pains”:

• people spend too much time putting out “fires”

• there are not enough hours in the day

• people do not know what others are doing

• management decisions are getting poorer

• and at some point nobody, including you, knows where the company is headed…

Sounds familiar?

This usually happens when the business volume have outgrown the company’s internal capacity as entrepreneurs have natural inclination to focus more on market opportunities, rather than organizational development.

Scaleup Copilot is here to help you get back on track

We have seen how difficult it is to run a scaling business and multiple internal projects on the side. That is why we developed a program, which we call the Scaleup Copilot, in which we help scaleups develop the critical aspects of this internal capacity together with one effort.

Based upon almost a half a century of research on sustainable organizational success, our US partner Management Systems have identified what are these critical aspects of internal capacity that distinguishes industry leaders from less successful or failing competitors:

- Strategic and operational planning

- Clear structure & roles

- Introduction of performance improvement process

- Culture management practices

All four applied by competent and capable leaders.

How does Scaleup Copilot work?

Scaleup Copilot is a process – first we start with analysis of the current state of the company and the challenges it faces. Than we proceed with designing or redesigning the 4 key aspects mentioned above and at the end we support the organization in implementing the changes.

Our role in this process is guiding the company leadership to ensure that they are on the same page, asking the hard questions, and facilitating the discussions to ensure productive outcomes.

By using this approach, we involve them in crafting their own solutions and embracing them with ease.

Scaleup Copilot Phases & Deliverables

We can deliver all of the above within a period of 3 to 6 months, with an average engagement of 2-3 days per month.

Scaleup Copilot as featured in The Recursive

Why our approach works?

What makes us different?